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The vision of the Champions Club is to bring a true reality of who Jesus Christ is to children with special needs. It is our desire that every student has a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to Champions

Champions Club is a premier ministry and developmental program for young people with special needs. This program is in partnership with Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, where the Champions Club was originally launched in 2008. This program will meet the developmental needs of children in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY.

Champions Club is for children from all 13 categories of eligibility for special education services as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Currently at Liberty, Champions serves children from the ages of three to twelve. It is our long-term goal to expand our program to serve teens and young adults as well.

The Champions Club provide support and services for the exceptional students and their families. The Champions Club is designed to incorporate spiritual, educational, physical, and sensory opportunities for exceptional students in a structured environment. Champions learn in a multi-sensory environment designed to help them function within their surroundings. The instructors and support providers are given the opportunity to work with students using specialized equipment and teaching techniques and strategies in the learning environment. There are four distinct stations in the club: a physical therapy station, a sensory station, an educational station, and a spiritual therapy station. In each station, a component of the lesson is taught using the supports and services which help exceptional students learn. At Champions Club we are committed to invest our time and talents to ensure that exceptional students and their families are an integral part of church life.

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Champions Club is Available

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Large Motor

Many of our Champions need large motor stimulation. The Motor Room has equipment to meet this sensory need. As a child develops large motor skills, other skill areas are also developing, such as eye-hand/foot coordination, sensory functioning (visual, tactile, kinesthetic, auditory modalities), the skills to work and play within a team and sporting environment, and the development of self-confidence and a positive self image.


Sensory areas are created for Champions with specific sensory processing difficulties. The sensory room is a place where Champions can obtain input or the specific sensory experience that they need for daily functioning. The purpose of a sensory room is to calm or stimulate an individual through each of the senses. These rooms particularly benefit students who are on the autism sprectrum.

Fine Motor

The Champions Club Fine Motor area is a place where Champions can develop their fine motor skills. As children grow, their fine motor development needs to be established. Fine motor development is what is required to pick things up, use a pair of scissors, and learn how to use a pencil. As children get older, fine motor development is key in tying shoelaces, holding utensils, and buttoning and fastening clothes. These are school and life skills our Champions need to develop to be independent learners.

We Provide

Competent care based on knowledge regarding a wide range of disabilities. This is a dynamic ministry that constantly adapts to the varied needs of the children. Support providers are trained volunteers who work 1:1 with individuals or small groups of children to encourage spiritual growth and social skill development.

When planning a visit to our church for the first time, please register your Champion using the link provided on this page. This will give our staff adequate time to prepare for your visit.

We Believe

That every child is a gift from God, made in His image, and reflecting His dignity. Those caring for children with special needs are worthy of special honor and support. For these reasons, we have established a special-needs children’s ministry called the Champions Club. Our ministry provides an environment in which all children and their families receive physical, emotional, and spiritual support, while being fully included in all church activities. Our mission is to enable all students to become integral and vital members of the church community.

We Teach

  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Social Emotional Skills
  • Academic Skills

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